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Pulse nightclub in Remembrance

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Now that a year has gone by we have spent some time reflecting the pulse shooting.  Trikaroo has come very far in that year.  Our owner having been a survivor of P.T.S.D., felt compelled the day after the shooting to lend support to the local community.  We provided water, food, and sunscreen to the First Responders, FBI, media, families, and

Trikaroo OrlandoStrong in action

survivors affected by the tragedy.  Donating her time and money and also by paying her staff in the efforts to lend support. Never thinking of how it would affect her business she just knew she had to do something. As a company we spent 7 days on electric Trikaroo scooters, even giving the last family member a ride to identify the final victim. 

One of the lighter moments of this tragedy was when one of the head FBI agents had pulled our owner Gina M.Garcia to the side, thinking that we had done something wrong, she was slightly panicked. Only to find that during the FBI and First Responders mission to properly canvas the scene the one thing that everyone had

Trikaroo electric scooters OrlandoStrong

forgotten to bring with them was feminine products.  So one of our other donations was to stock the women’s restrooms with feminine supplies.

While we purchased supplies people at Target gave freely to help us in our effort to contribute more.  We even had people volunteer in the local community (Thank you: Heather, LuLu, Jennifer, and Yvon) to ride our Trikaroo two person scooters and pass out supplies.

We put a post out on Facebook and Twitter and were contacted by Oracle.  Sara Akbar had generously responded to our plea for help and had the Orlando Oracle region deliver to us additional sunscreen and water.  Jonathan Plazewski from the Orlando Oracle office brought us hundreds of bottles of sunscreen to pass out to those in need as they responded to the tragedy.  

In our days returning back into the office our first customer who called in was someone from Sandy Hook. That customer helped Gina deal with the magnitude of the event on a more personal level.  When asked what Trikaroo she wanted she said, "the one that you rode."  To which Gina replied, "there’s a couple of scratches and dents."  Her reply was, "obviously well earned and that’s the one that needs to be here in Sandy Hook.”

Since that time Orlando has been in recovery and moving forward as the strong and vibrant community that Gina grew up in. We here at Trikaroo supported the LGBTQ community by lending Trikaroos to Cancer Survivors who were unable to walk so that they could participate and ride in the Orlando Come Out with Pride parade in 2016

We will be participating in some of the upcoming activities this weekend. For a complete list of events honoring the victims please visit this Orlando Sentinel article.


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