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Fun Friday: Cool Monkey Lights video for bicycle safety

Just for fun on a Friday!  Who knew safety lights could look so cool!

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Trikaroo makes a splash at Surf Expo!!

We really had so much fun at the Surf Expo trade show that we attended in September that we just felt the need to share some of the pictures with you.  It was really great meeting all the new people and seeing the happy faces as they tried out the Trikaroo's that we had in [...]

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Motivational Monday: Don't be afraid to give up the good for the Great!

One day at a time, let's not settle for good enough.  You deserve greatness!

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Fun Friday: Hello World baby kangaroo peeks out Video

We here at Trikaroo just adore cute videos and photos of Kangaroos.  Take a look at this one and see how this baby peeks out to say hello to the world.Also feel free to send us any cute kangaroo videos or pictures that you have by clicking HERE!

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"Rewriting your history". Look how far our Founder has come!

A note from our Founder and CEO Gina M. Garcia about how far she's come.Wow has my life changed. I have rewritten my history of this day. One year ago I had my theatrical release of my film Untold the Film that told my journey of dealing with PTSD, which I had received numerous awards, [...]

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Top 12 Most Frequently asked Questions about the Trikaroo

How long does it take to charge a Trikaroo Boomer?Not as long as you would think.  For every 6-8 hours of driving your Trikaroo you would charge it approximately 1.5  to 2 hours.  A full charge can be achieved overnight.Do I have to assemble it?The Trikaroo's electric scooters come completely assembled.  The only thing you would have to [...]

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Motivational Monday: Keep Moving Forward

There are some days that we all need a little reminder about the actual priorities in life.  The pace doesn't matter as long as you keep moving forward.  Happy Monday!

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Trikaroo spotting at the Trump Hotel in Washington DC

If you've ever wondered in what ways you can use a Trikaroo Boomer just take a look at how one of our lovely members of our Trikaroo family goes and see the sights!  In this video he takes you on a tour of the Trump International Hotel in DC.  You will see how easy it [...]

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Motivational Monday: In love with Cities I've never been to

Motivation strikes and moves at us in many ways.  It's a deep and pull we often feel to explore and travel. What city would love to take your Trikaroo to?  Where do you #Trikaroo?

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Trick-or-Treating Trikaroo Style

“There are so many neighborhoods and so much ground to cover on Halloween!” My kid tells me this past weekend. “How are we going to cover it all? I want to bring home a ton of candy!”And all I can think is, ugh. We live in Florida, the humidity alone is enough to never want [...]

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