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One Woman's Story: Trikaroo Boomer electric two person mobility scooter and how it creates Independence

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The back story:

I have always been partially blind, only seeing out of one eye. Due to birth defects and a hereditary disease OA

Trikaroo Two Person Mobility Scooter

(occular albinism). At my best I had 20/400 vision in my left eye (basically light and dark recognition) in the space of less than looking through a straw. My right eye was 20/30 with about 55 degrees of vision. And because of many other eye issues my brain only registers one eye at a time. Most people have 160 degrees of vision at about 20/20 vision.

That means at one point I drove a car! Actually, I drove as little as possible, it never made me comfortable. I was diagnosed legally blind around the time I was having my 9 year old! Crazy! I had given up driving about a year before then. To embrace parenting for the first time and this great loss was crazy. I struggled. I have done so many things to try to bring back a sense of independence to my life. Then there's the reality that my eye issues just keep getting worse. It's a moving target to know where I'll be at in another year or two and what makes the most financial sense. Fancy tech is costly.

So my story goes.... I ended up divorced, a single mom with primary and physical custody of a 3 year old. So walking with a cane became something to keep my son safe. Other people would register that I need help. They'd help me, right? Then the seeing eye dog because people wouldn't approach me in public with the cane, too afraid I'd hit them with it! That dog was a long wait, but the dog was great. Six years of great. But service dogs wear out, get old and arthritic.

By the time my son was 6 I was lucky enough to find a man who saw past my disability to the person I still am. We were blessed with a daughter at 43! Motivation to keep going and stay independent has never been so strong. And then it turns out there's a cancer scare and the knowledge that life can change on a dime. Now I was determined to find something for today that would work to make me the best woman, mom, wife I could be. Enough being scare. Feel the fear and do it any way!

Trikaroo – Independence with Style

I was so happy to find a mobility scooter/electric tricycle that meets my unique needs as a mom of 2 school aged kids!

I can't drive due to a disability. Most electric bikes or trikes or mobility scooters don't fit 2 or 3 of us! Trikaroo Boomer does! Trikaroo Boomer has a seat belt for the kids and ample storage to carry book bags. The construction of the Boomer is all metal in other words strong enough I can let my 9 year old drive it around the cul-de-sac. The tricycle

Trikaroo two seater scooter grocery store trip

design gives it stability for me. It meets Arizona criteria for a ADA compliant mobility scooter and an electric bike. I can drive it on sidewalks and my husband and kids can drive it in the bike lane!

The day it showed up I cried as the truck driver lowered the box. I used to be a dispatcher for truck drivers. I haven't always been as limited as I am now. I never thought I'd be raising kids with the limitations of a disability. I have lost a lot of Independence over the years. I am 45 and still asking my parents to drive me to the grocery store and to go get my kids when they're sick at school because I can't drive. I have learned to ask for a lot of help. I am so grateful that Trikaroo was there to help me.

My husband found a home ½ mile from my kids school about 6 months ago and we were so excited. A half mile! I could do that walk 2 or 3 times a day to get the kids to school and volunteer. Oh my, a life again! Then a cancer scare and I have had 2 surgeries that haven't allowed me to be that active, to do that ½ mile walk. This is when the desperation hit and I looked and looked until I found Trikaroo! I really didn't believe that there was an affordable option for me! (They even have a payment plan!) That poor truck driver and my tears. Two weeks with “pinky” the Boomer (2 seater trike scooter) and I'm a person with renewed hope. A hope that I'll be more involved in my kids lives and have my own life again. I have keys again. I haven't had keys for over 10 years. I always had to have someone driving me and therefore they had keys.

I can jump on my Trikaroo and drop a letter in the mailbox. When my littlest is restless we can go for a long drive through every nook and cranny of our neighborhood! I've already hit every storefront in our little neighborhood. I have so many more options. I can go to the pharmacy for a gallon of milk instead of finding someone to go shopping for me. I can do things alone with my kids. I can get to the park alone with my kids. Its Independence. It's hope. It's Trikaroo.

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