Thank You For Your Service: Jim Dall!

Jul 31st 2019

Thank You For Your Service!
Thank You For Your Service -March
Trikaroo is a Veteran owned company and we make it a point to acknowledge and thank our Veteran customers for their service. This month we are recognizing Coast Guardsmen Jim Dall; he served with the Guard from 1960-1964. During his time with the Coast Guard, Jim was stationed in Mackinac Island, Michigan, Alaska, Sandusky and Cleveland Ohio, and finished his service in Minnesota, his home state . He met his wife, Theresa, in his hometown at a Dale Carnegie course, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Jim recalls his favorite thing about the military being the small size of the reserves. The Coast Guard is not very big & when I was in, there was about 30,000 coasties complete. He recalls that at the time, Fort Dix, an army base, had over 40,000 soldiers alone. In Sandusky, Ohio there was only about ten or twelve of us there You were in contact with everybody on the station.