4 Reasons to pick Lithium-ion Batteries for your Trikaroo adventures!

Posted by Bonnie Hillman- Trikologist on on Oct 29th 2019

The innovative features of Lithium-ion batteries are making a huge impact on the Trikaroo way of transportation. Battery options have expanded from the traditional world of seal lead acid batteries.  These innovations make a large impact on reliability and the weight of your Trikaroo experience. You've made informed decisions on which Trikaroo you've purchased, so choose a lithium-ion battery to help your Trikaroo go further and longer.

1.  Lithium-ion batteries keep you safer in temperature fluctuation:  When you hit the road with your scooter you're looking for some excitement, but not the kind that comes from faulty equipment like a damaged or corroded battery.  Thankfully, Lithium-ion batteries are able to tolerate a more dramatic temperature fluctuation.  Don't get stranded in the cold or on the back of a hot trike on a summer day with a sealed lead acid battery that can't stand up the the extreme environments. 

2.  Lithium-ion batteries give you more time outside:  Have you ever got onto your electric mobility scooter and noticed that the battery is less than fully charged?  Standard sealed lead acid batteries often experience a self discharge when they sit unused.  Lithium-ion batteries have the lowest shelf discharge.  Often up to 10 times lower than standard lead acid batteries.  Once you start using Lithium-ion batteries they lose very little power between charging sessions.  They also offer a quicker charging time frame. 

3.  Lithium-ion batteries are a better investment:  The initial price of upgrading may seem high.  However the value of upgrading is the fact that lithium-ion offers shelf life of up to 5 years vs the standard lead acid batteries.  The lifespan of the lithium-ion batteries provides a long term cost savings. 

4.  Lithium-ion batteries offer increased performance and flexibility from your Trikaroo:  Getting your trike moving requires a big boost of energy from your battery; that's why a battery with a small amount of charge remaining is unable to start your scooter.  Lithium-ion batteries power your start with greater efficiency than lead acid batteries and maintain their power delivery as they deplete during use giving you increased safety on longer rides.   Lithium-ion batteries are also much lighter than traditional seal lead acid batteries.  A 65 pound set of batteries is now replicated in a mere 15 pounds. This is a considerable decrease of weight for your scooter to carry. 

Lithium-ion batteries are an investment that will reward you with a longer shelf life and more time enjoying the freedom of the outdoors on your electric scooter. 

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