Thank You For Your Service: Jim Dall!

Jul 31st 2019

Thank You For Your Service!Trikaroo is a Veteran owned company and we make it a point to acknowledge and thank our Veteran customers for their service. This month we are recognizing Coast Guardsmen Ji … read more

Is 16 MPH really fast?

Jul 26th 2019

If you're stuck on the fence because you don't think or can't imagine if a Trikaroo is actually a fast mode of transportation for an electric mobility scooter I'd like to share a little chart with you … read more
Battery Charging and Maintenance Best Practices

Battery Charging and Maintenance Best Practices

Posted by Trikologist on on Jul 14th 2019

Who knows batteries better than our friends at Batteries Plus? Take a look at this helpful guide on how to get the most of your batteries on your Trikaroo.Best Charging PracticesMake sure you are us … read more