Happy Easter to Our Troop!

Happy Easter to Our Troop!

Posted by Tera Webb, Trikologist on on Apr 18th 2019

Easter RooTeam Trikaroo Wishes You a Happy  Easter Weekend. 

Trikaroo will be open on Good Friday and Easter Monday, for the convenience of our customers. 

Trikaroo is hopping right along with our expansion. We’re very excited about all of our recent progress and we know our loyal customers are, too. Our newsletters will now be coming out during the first week of every month, and we’ll keep our readers up to date on all of our events, promotions and new products. 

Our Facebook page is always a good platform to find our latest news & a good way to contact us, as well. Give us an honest review, while you're there! 

Have any of you been to our website, lately? We've been working on that, too. Let us know what you think about our new graphics! (I personally think our new home page banners ROCK!)