How to Transport your Trikaroo

Posted by Bonnie Hillman-Trikologist on on May 4th 2017

Now that you've found Trikaroo's electric two person scooters and are exploring the advantages that they offer, I bet you're wondering just how a person would go about and transport them from place to place.  While they work

Trikaroo Boomer X on Car Rack

great as neighborhood vehicles they also work very well at amusement parks, grocery stores, camp grounds, car shows, swap meets, tractor pulls, bike shows, and a multitude of places you would take a traditional mobility scooter or golf cart.  Although unlike the standard golf cart the Trikaroo's are American Disabilities Act compliant, so if you have a disability you can ride it directly into a store.

Trikaroo's fast electric mobility scooters are really rather easy to transport as they often times will just fit into the back of your Truck or Sports Utility Vehicle.  

But if you are looking for an even simpler way to transport your Trikaroo we have car racks that they go on. 

Transport your Trikaroo scooters, lawn & garden equipment, cargo, and just about anything without a trailer!

Forget about trying to position your hitch ball just right to hook onto a trailer. Backing up and maneuvering in tight spaces just became much simpler and more manageable.

The UC500-XL may be the largest and most stable hitch-mounted cargo carrier. Designed for both commercial and residential use, the UC500-XL makes transporting all your gear easier than ever before.

The huge and rugged 60″ L x 33″ W steel mesh surface is rated for 500 lbs of gear but still allows water, mud, and snow to drop through or clean right off. When the carrier is not in use on your vehicle, it can be folded upright. Simply adjust the dual leveler bolts during initial installation and the locking pins secure the tray in place. Multiple built-in handles make removing and installing the carrier quick and seamless. The folding loading ramp has a built-in handle and locks in position vertically when not in use.

  • More maneuverable and much easier to operate than a trailer
  • Included anti-wobble collar increases carrier stability
  • Easy to store
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Compact folding ramp folds flat and stores inside the carrier
  • Steel mesh design provides drainage and reduces debris buildup
  • Cargo tie-down points
  • Integrated rubber protected carrying handles
  • 1 year warranty