If you're thinking about Retirement

Posted by Bonnie Hillman- Trikologist on on Jan 8th 2019

If you're looking forward to retirement, you're not alone.  There are a countless number of people who dream of leaving their day jobs behind and invoking the freedom of unstructured days.  

  1. Assess your personal saving
  2. Map out a retirement budget
  3. Read up on healthcare costs
  4. Develop a strategy for claiming Social Security
  5. Figure out what you'll do with your time

Switch2019ManWhile Trikaroo, the golf cart alternative, can't help you with the first four items we can most definitely help you with part of the fifth item.  Trikaroo's provide much needed transportation and fun.  Segueing from a scheduled day to having all the free time in the world can be hard for some retirees.  You need to remember to add the fun in so you don't end up getting a case of the blues.

Many people are using electric scooters such as Trikaroo as an alternative to a golf cart or even a second vehicle.  They are a way to reduce your carbon footprint while remaining socially active and enjoying the outdoors. (Just don't forget the sunscreen.)  An electric scooter takes you out of the bubble of a regular vehicle and allows you to interact with people and enjoy your surroundings all while saving your hard earned cash, no insurance and no gas!  You can use them on various terrain and at a multitude of locations from amusement parks to grocery stores as they are ADA compliant.  

If you have questions we are here and more than happy to help.  Please don't hesitate to give us a call or you can email us directly to ask us questions to help you find the Trikaroo that fits you best.