It's been a Rough month here at Trikaroo Headquarters

It's been a Rough month here at Trikaroo Headquarters

Posted by Bonnie Hillman-Trikologist on on Apr 25th 2017

Please be patient with us as we rebuild!  On April 6th, 2017 on our way to Charlotte AutoFair held at the Charlotte

Trikaroo Rollover

Motor Speedway in North Carolina Trikaroo was in a roll over accident.  The accident was in South Carolina and we know we held up a lot of traffic.  We are still in process of recovering from that accident.  

We missed out on meeting many of our fans and our most sincere apologies go out!  We really would have rather have seen you at the show.  Trust us on that one!

While we took a big loss of Trikaroo mobility scooter inventory we are working diligently on building up again.  Thankfully though all our employees are safe and sound with no major injuries.  Blessings often do come through for us all even in the worst situations. 

Trikaroo Rollover 2

Thank you for all the warm words, thoughts, and prayers that we have received this month.  We are filled with gratitude for the support our loyal customers have shown to us here at Trikaroo.

So please do be patient with us if our response time is a little slow.  We are bogged down with all the little details that an accident of this nature entails.  We are in catch-up mode and will come back stronger than ever!

We are looking forward to getting on the road again very soon and will be posting up our shows in advance.  If we missed you at the Charlotte AutoFair we are sorry and we hope to see you soon!