Product Spotlight (March): Boomer Switch

Product Spotlight (March): Boomer Switch

Posted by Tera Webb, Trikologist on on Apr 2nd 2019

2019 Trikaroo Boomer Switch

Trikaroo Boomer Switch

The Boomer Switch is a two seater trike that “switches” from one person seating, to two person motor-cycle style

seating, with a raised rear seat. The Switch also offers a Joey seat in the front for a small child, so it can carry two adults and a small child! The Trikaroo Boomer Switch has a dual drive 500 watt transaxle motor, with 3 inch wide tires, providing the necessary torque to travel through grass, gravel, dirt, hard packed sand and even uphill! All of our two seater Trikaroos come standard with a headlight, rear running lights, brake lights, audiable turn signals, horn and an alarm system. The Trikaroo Switch also comes standard with mirrors, a USB charging port, a foot brake, and chrome fenders.

The Switch comes in two standard colors; red and yellow. But there are a wide variety of accesories available from our website so you can personalize your Trikaroo for YOU.