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Remember our Veterans this Holiday Season

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We here at Trikaroo honor our Veterans and Military family.  We are a Veteran owned and operated business.  Most of our families are filled with the history of service to our country.

This year as we begin preparations for the holiday season that is swiftly falling upon us, let us take a moment and remember all of those who fought for us and who continue to fight for our country.  Active military who are still deployed are away from their families; this can be a tough time for them.  Here is one way you can offer encouragement to our military families as well as the veteran community: 

Cards, letters, and care packages: 

  • Say, "Thank you" with Operation Gratitude.  Operation Gratitude accepts letters and cards year round for Deployed Troops, Veterans, New Recruits, and First Responders. 
  • Support our Soldiers (SOS) offers many programs by, Caring Beyond the Box.  They offer community outreach, care box brigade, baking for Heroes, Letters from Home Campaign, and Operation SHE-RO.  Operation SHE-RO helps address the unique personal needs of deployed female warriors who fight for our freedoms.
  • Adopt a US Soldier seeks volunteers to help show our brave deployed men and women that their fight does not go unnoticed.  They help connect supportive civilians with soldiers by sending cards and letters.  You can offer short term support or long term support to an individual hero. 
  • Support Military Spouses is making a difference by recognizing that the wives, husbands, and children of service members are often overlooked in the honoring of our military.  They often live far from any friends, family, and even their spouses for several months at a time.  Letters, cards, and even sponsoring a care package helps lift their spirits.

Tips for how to write a letter for deployed troops, veterans, new recruits, and first responders: 

  • Begin with a generic greeting, such as "Dear Brave One" or "Dear Hero"
  • Express your thanks for their service
  • Avoid Politics completely
  • Avoid Religion
  • Share a bit about yourself: family, hobbies, work, travel, or pets or like minded items
  • Talk about life or your interests
  • Don't include a date or a year on your card or letter.  As it can take months to get to them
  • If you are comfortable providing them your contact information you can do so by physical address or email. (They may or may not respond. Do not be discouraged if they don't.)

There are many different ways you can help honor our veterans and their families this holiday season and beyond.  These are just a few ideas.  Remember, everyone this holiday season deserves our best, so please choose kindness.

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