Single vehicle family? Running Errands on a Trikaroo

Single vehicle family? Running Errands on a Trikaroo

Posted by Bonnie Hillman- Trikologist on on Dec 20th 2018

If you're like some of us frugal folks you are a one car family.  This is wonderful in so many ways.  Having only one vehicle for a household can be a smart move in terms of saving some serious money.  Lets think simply about it: 

  • Only one vehicle payment (unless you've paid it off already)
  • Only one vehicle on your insurance
  • Only one vehicle to put yearly tags on
  • One vehicle that needs maintenance
  • Going green: lower your carbon footprint
  • Pay off debt by selling your second vehicle or just by the money you'll save for not paying for all the extra gas and insurance

The downside of one vehicle: 

  • No vehicle if your spouse drives the vehicle to work or errands or anything for that matter
  • You can only go one place at a time: no more divide and conquer
  • No other form of transportation when your vehicle is in need of repairs 
  • Relying on others: at times you may need to rely on the generosity of others to get you where you need to go and when.  But there's always Lyft.

Now... What if you added a Trikaroo?  How would that work?  I'll let you know from experience, once years ago:

Flyer X

In 2014 I used only my Trikaroo Flyer X ,for just over a month, as my only means of transportation.  Here's a list of the things I did on my Trikaroo: 

  • I rode to work and back every day
  • Grocery stores, no problem, I could buy for a few days at a time.  Sometimes I did this as I drove home from work. 
  • Went and got a haircut, manicure, and a pedicure
  • Went to the bank
  • Took my dog to the dog park
  • I went to the movies.  I just locked up my trike at a bike rack.

I'm quite sure there are some things that I may be forgetting.  But here's the thing.  Never once did I feel stranded.  I could go anywhere around my city with a little planning.  I just had to remember that even thought my Trikaroo electric scooter is fast in comparison to a bike; it was still slower than a vehicle.  So I mapped things out ahead of time and just left myself the extra time that it took to get to where I was going.  Several things I did not expect from my experiment: 

  • I actually got to work (sometimes) quicker than in my vehicle.  I lived in a very crowed city.  Lots of traffic.  By taking my scooter I could ride on the sidewalks past the stopped traffic
  • I saved a ton of money on gas alone. I also saved money because I was more thoughtful with my grocery shopping and did not make random pit stops.  This meant more money for fun things.
  • I immensely enjoyed getting out of the bubble of my vehicle.  Everything felt like a mini adventure.
  • I met people.  People would stop me just to chit chat and ask me about my Flyer X electric scooter.

In conclusion, if you're not quite ready to be a one car family, a Trikaroo may be just the thing you want to try.  Most of our models go up to 16 to 18 miles per hour, offer storage, and are safe to ride in the street where you would ride a bicycle, or on the sidewalk.  Most travel 40 miles on a charge and will get you around in style.  If you'd like to find out more information please do feel free to reach out to us directly either by phone or Email.  We are here to help.