Spring Cleaning Your Trikaroo

Spring Cleaning Your Trikaroo

Posted by Trevor Richards, Trikologist on on Apr 11th 2019

Trikaroo Maintenance

Flyer X:

  1. Check psi to make sure tires are ready for use.
  2. Tire psi shouldn’t be much more than 35 psi.
  3. While checking the tires, go ahead and make sure your fenders are tight and secured. If not, all you need is a 10mm wrench and a philips head screwdriver.


The Flyer's drum brakes do need to be adjusted occasionally because of normal wear and tear. There are tighteners on the front drum brake around the barrel and there are two on the rear. One for each drum brake on the back which you should be able to tighten down manually with your hand. Once tightened, make sure to test the brake pressure by squeezing your brake lever to make sure you are comfortable with the resistance given by the brakes.


  1. With the Boomer-X the only thing you might need to really check is the tire pressure.
  2. Tire pressure should be under 40 psi.

With all trikes, its typical for things to get dusty and hot because of storage. At this point you should do the following:

  1. Look at your trike and wipe off any excess dirt and dust.
  2. Check the batteries to make sure they are fully charged. See More Here: BATTERY CHARGING AND MAINTENANCE BEST PRACTICES
  3. If you are experiencing issues with your trike, open the battery box and check to make sure all battery connections inside are tight.