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Santa Claus gave up his Reindeer for a Trikaroo

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Temperatures are dropping, snow is falling, and Santa just loves Trikaroo!

Santa and Aroo 2019

Santa has been spotted with Aroo, Trikaroo's official mascot, at a recent event of Toys for Tots.  It seems that there may be some negotiations for the upcoming holiday season.  Santa is giving up his reindeer for a Trikaroo... Temporarily at least. Can you blame him though?  He wanted a new fun way to take Mrs. Claus out to see all the houses decked out with Christmas lights, without all the hassle of that silly sleigh.  

Here's a list of the top perks per Santa of a Trikaroo Christmas Lights viewing: 

  • Compact design; ability to travel on the sidewalks or in the bike lane 
  • Speed; he can choose to go slow or zip past the sparkling holiday lights
  • He can take his two grandchildren instead in the backseat.  He can even have a seat belt installed for them
  • He will be able to see the dazzling displays close up and not from the sky
  • He also says he wants to trick out his Trikaroo with Christmas lights and garland
  • There's no reindeer to slow him down by wanting snacks on the journey
  • No walking; easier on his knees
  • Storage, in case he takes some presents or wants to have a picnic with Mrs. Claus
  • Privacy; no one is likely to think it's him if his reindeer are not there
  • Mrs. Claus told him she wanted one... This one: Boomer X.  Except she wants it in red! 

And we all know, whatever she wants, she gets!

P.S.: Trikaroo's make great "stocking stuffers"!!  So if you need any help determining which of Trikaroo's electric scooters are the best fit for you and your family please feel free to reach out to us directly!

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