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RVing and Trikaroo: What units work with a Class A rig?

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Recreational vehicles, or RV's for short, are a wonderful way to go and explore our beautiful country.  The lure of the wide open roads combined with the many comforts of home merge together to become great life experiences.  There are just so many memories to make, people to meet, and places to explore!

Many full time RVers struggle with coming up with transportation once they've reached there destination.

Trikaroo JoeyWho wants to unhook, drive their rig around, or tow a car just to go get dinner at that restaurant that is a few miles up the road, or pick up supplies at the local grocery store, or how about just buzzing around the campsite?  With an electric scooter that seats two people (or only 1) you can quietly move around the camp without disturbing others.

So which Trikaroo electric scooter is best for you?  Lets check out the differences and figure out what works best for you and your rig. Today we are putting the focus on the Class A rig.  The Class A has a large living unit that is constructed on a bare, specially designed motor vehicle chassis.  It is a virtual "home away from home" that happens to be on wheels.  They come fully loaded with and equipped for short or lengthy vacations or even full time RV living lifestyle.

There's also generally plenty of storage in the basements for our smaller Trikaroo's.  The models that work best for a Class A without having to tow a vehicle, trailer, or put on a cargo carrier are the Trikaroo Joey and the Trikaroo Flyer X.  Depending on your specific basement dimensions either of these units will fit comfortably in the basement.  

The Trikaroo Joey seats one person and will slideTrikaroo Flyer Xthrough sideways if the door to your recreational vehicle is a minimum of 29 inches.  The Joey seats one person and weights in at a mere 55 pounds.  The folded dimensions: 18L x 24W x 32H inches. 

The Trikaroo Flyer X will carry two people motorcycle style.  The Trikaroo Flyer X has the folded dimensions of: 29L x 30W x 40H inches.  The weight is 186 pounds.  To make it easier to load you can remove the batteries which will lighten the load by 60 pounds.  This is still a two person lift.

Even if you plan to use tow a vehicle and your basement is filled with the things you need to function as a full time RV'r you can still fit your Trikaroo Joey or Trikaroo Flyer X into most tow vehicles.  They fit right into most trunks by laying flat down.  Cover with moving blankets or such to prevent damage to your unit.

Trikaroo's are a great alternative for a golf cart and are a solid way to get around town.  For more information you can email us directly with any questions you have.  We look forward to being able to assist you in finding the right electric scooter fit for your recreational vehicle needs.

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