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We’ll be in Perry, GA, March 15-18 for Southern Charm, FMCA’s 97th International Convention

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Join us at FMCA’s 97th International Convention to tour the newest RVs, see the latest products, attend info-

packed seminars, and make new friends! Stop by our booth #1001 in the McGill Exhibition Hall!

#fmcaRV #fmcaGA18


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Top 12 Most Frequently asked Questions about the Trikaroo

How long does it take to charge a Trikaroo Boomer?Not as long as you would think.  For every 6-8 hours of driving your Trikaroo you would charge it approximately 1.5  to 2 hours.  A full charge can be achieved overnight.Do I have to assemble it?The Trikaroo's electric scooters come completely assembled.  The only thing you would have to [...]

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Am I too Big or Tall for a Trikaroo?

The size of something is often hard to imagine when looking at pictures of it online. We often try to place ourselves in the picture to see if something would be a good fit for us. A common and frequent question that we often get from customers is something usually along the lines of; "Am I too tall for this [...]

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