Thank You For Your Service Mr. Gavere

Posted by Cheyenne Sisung, Trikologist on on Apr 2nd 2019

Trikaroo is a Veteran owned company and we make it a point to acknowledge and thank our Veteran customers for their service.

This month we would like to recognize Navy Veteran, Jeff Gavere. Jeff joined the Navy Aviation branch in the early 1970s. The Vietnam war was still ongoing and Jeff, who had just graduated from college, felt the patriotic thing to do was answer the draft and go to Vietnam. He went through basic training in Pensacola, Florida; and he recalls it as being the most memorable part of his time in the military. For most of his service Jeff was stationed on aircraft carriers, the food being surprisingly excellent; he referred to it as “steak and ice cream.” The Vietnam war ended 6 months after Jeff joined the navy, and as the conflict winded down soon most all of the pilots who had been stationed there, were sent back home.

We at Trikaroo salute you, and would like to say Thank you for Your Service Sailor Jeff Gavere.