Top 12 Most Frequently asked Questions about the Trikaroo

Top 12 Most Frequently asked Questions about the Trikaroo

Posted by Bonnie Hillman-Trikologist on on Oct 12th 2016

How long does it take to charge a Trikaroo Boomer?

Not as long as you would think.  For every 6-8 hours of driving your Trikaroo you would charge it approximately 1.5  to 2 hours.  A full charge can be achieved overnight.

Do I have to assemble it?

The Trikaroo's electric scooters come completely assembled.  The only thing you would have to do (if applicable) is put the mirrors on and plug in the battery.  Then you are good to go riding.

What is the correct tire pressure?

Please keep the tires at the standard 40 PSI.

How far can you go?

You can travel roughly 40-45 miles on one charge, depending on passenger and cargo weight, climate, elevation, and terrain.

Are these street legal?

Yes, you can ride your Trikaroo two person scooter in the bike lane.  It is equipped with turn signals, headlights, and running lights just as other motor vehicles on the road.

Where can I ride a Trikaroo?

Trikaroos can be ridden in most places such as roadways, sidewalks, and large shopping establishments. Please use

discretion when using your Trikaroo indoors. Trikaroos are ADA (American Disability Act) compliant for those with disabilities. You may be required to show proof of disability for the driver or passenger when riding in some locations.

Can I replace my light bulbs with ones from the store?

This is not recommended for your Trikaroo since store bought bulbs are not 48 volts.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes there is a 500 lbs payload capacity. This would include the driver, passenger, and any of their gear.

Do you accept Medicare?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept Medicare at this time.

Where are Trikaroos made?

Trikaroo electric trikes are designed and built right here in Orlando, Florida in the United States with both foreign and domestic parts. We are a proud Veteran owned company and work hard to employ Veterans.

How old do you have to be to drive a Trikaroo?

At least 16 years of age, but please do contact your local DMV for verificaiton.

Can I get a custom paint job?

Absolutely!!  You can talk to your sales rep about what you want specifically.  Additional fees do apply.