Trikaroo Puts the FUN in Functionality

Trikaroo Puts the FUN in Functionality

Posted by Tera Webb, Trikologist on on Apr 11th 2019

The Trikaroo Boomer Series Let's Us See the Sites

Boomer Switch at Suwanee

Last weekend, I went to my last RV Rally for a while*, RVillage Rally 2.0 at Spirit of Suwanee Music Park. The place was absolutely beautiful, and there was so much to see at the park, beyond the activities planned by RVillage. The easiest and most practical way to get around this huge park, for me, was on a Trikaroo. After the initial set up, I only used the van if I had to leave the park. Otherwise, my demo model was my transportation. I went from my cabin, to my booth in one of the vendor halls, to the country store on site, and back to my cabin after working hours, every day. Then, I went to the other side of the campgrounds to visit some friends, at their RV, and I went sight seeing in between. It took 3 days of doing this, while climbing hills and going through all sorts of terrain, before my Trikaroo Boomer Switch had to be charged. I sold it the next day, and she drove everywhere on it. I switched to a Trikaroo Boomer X that evening, and continued to enjoy the sites at the park.

Below are some pics of RVillage activities and sites at Suwanee River RV Music Park:

Live Music and Entertainment

There's a large "natural" amphitheater for music. This caught my attention because there was a Boomer Switch I sold at last year's RVillage, a Boomer X I sold in Goshen, and a Flyer XL I sold at this event, all watching the show. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a good picture of all of them, together. 

RVillage lights the Fire Birds up every night of the rally, as a place for people to gather, socialize and keep warm.

My Boomer X at the top of the Canoe Launch into Suwanee River. I parked it and walked down the launch, to enjoy a quick walk on the small sandbar. There is a beach at this park, but the water level was too high to see it.

Suwanee River from the boat launch.

There were several bat houses on the property, but this is the only one that was obviously inhabited by bats. This may have been one of my favorite features of the park! This is completely fenced in, and was put here to protect the native bats. I wish I'd been able to watch them fly out at dusk, but I missed it every day.


These two are the lake, in the center of the campgrounds.

This is one of the many hiking trails along the river. This was so fun! (My phone died on this hike, or  there'd be more pics.)

This is the Boomer X on one of the fishing docks along the lake. This electric vehicle is so versatile and functional. 

The picture on the right represents what the majority of the roads at Suwanee look like. They are hard packed sand, and the Boomer X and Boomer Switch both traveled wonderfully on this terrain, with the power of their dual drive. I was told at least once that I needed to slow down, because I was exceeding the park speed limit of 10 mph, on SAND! Trikaroos travel up to 16-18 mph, but probably not quite that fast on this type of terrain. Regardless, I had a blast and my Trikaroo helped me to do so.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable trip for me and I'd love to go back to the Spirit of Suwanee Music Park in the future. If you enjoy having FUN and nature, I highly recommend you check out this park. Feel free to send me an email if you'd like to take your own, very functional Trikaroo here with you! 

Thanks to everyone at RVillage for inviting us to this event!

*Trikaroo will be at RV Rallies. My position has changed to inside sales.