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Trikaroo will be at the 28th Annual Spring Turkey Run March 24-26, 2017 in Daytona

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Trikaroo will be at the infamous Daytona Speedway for the 28th Annual Spring Turkey Run on Friday March 24th to Sunday March 26th.  If you've ever wanted to come and see the Trikaroo's in person now is the time!  For more Information about the Spring Turkey Run please: CLICK HERE.

Trikaroo Flyer X

We have new models available and they will be on showcase here at the Spring Turkey Run.  Our models are American Disabilities Act compliant and there for can be taken into your local store if you have a disability!  

They also work perfectly for large places and venues that are no longer allowing golf cart access.  It's a great alternative and much easier to get to the final destination.  Think of how much further you could go on a Trikaroo compared to a traditional scooter.

We even have some models that fold up and can fit in the trunk of your car.  How great is that as far as convenience!  So come see for yourself, we'd love get you rolling on a Trikaroo. Mobility just got cooler!

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