Trikaroos are extremely economical, with a charge costing between 9-15 cents so for as little as a dollar you can go roughly 400 miles. Think about the annual savings you will get by choosing to use a Trikaroo.

We wanted to illustrate for you the potential one, three and five year financial benefits for owning a Trikaroo Boomer versus owning a second gas-powered vehicle.

Here is What We Found:

    Second Car   Trikaroo   Extra Cost of Owning a Car
Retail Price   $20,000.00   $3,495.00   $17,005.00
Interest @ 5% over 60 months   $2,645.00   $0.00   $2,645.00
Depreciation   $3,744.00   $390.00   $2,744.00
Fuel   $1,872.00   $10.40   $1,861.60
Interest   $858.00   $0.00   $858.00
Insurance   $780.00   $0.00   $780.00
Maintenance & Repair   $312.00   $0.00   $312.00
Tax   $312.00   $195.00   $117.00
Total Annual Cost   $7,800.00   $400.40   $7,399.60
3 Years Cost   $23,400.00   $1,401.20   $21,998.80
5 Years Cost   $39,000.00   $2,352.00   $36,648.00

It's no surprise that the difference in initial retail price is the biggest cause for the cost increase of owning a car, but you get hit with that price tag again (and every year) with depreciation, and Consumer Reports lists an average of a 65% loss in value over five years. For our example of a gently used $20,000 car, you're losing $13,000 in depreciation over five years.

The next highest cost of car ownership is fuel; this is where your all-electric Trikaroo Boomer truly excels and saves you money! Your Boomer can go 40 miles on a single charge, and the electricity cost to charge averages $1 for 400 miles. This means our example family is only paying 20 cents/week in fuel expenses for their Trikaroo, vs $36.00 /week for the car owners.

We based our assumptions on a household who is buying a used 2012 model car in the median price range of $20,000. We then based the cost of ownership of this vehicle on the article " How Much Is Your New Car Really Going to Cost?" from Consumer Reports. Here is the annual cost broken down into owner cost percentages:

For the Trikaroo ownership cost, we used the following assumptions:

  • 80 miles of travel per week, 20 cents/week in electricity usage for charging
  • 65% depreciation over 5 years; $390 / year
  • $200 in maintenance at 3 years (not DIY, includes new tires), $350 in maintenance at 5 years for a new battery (easily self installed)
  • No insurance cost; Trikaroos are covered under homeowner's insurance